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About Grinderworks

Grinderworks has made it its mission to rediscover the power of freshly ground spices. Not only does Grinderworks select and reintroduce the spices themselves, it also designs and produces exclusive instruments for fresh grinding, conceived to facilitate their optimal enjoyment. With attention to detail, individuality, craftsmanship, intensity and the spices’ inherent characteristics. Grind it, taste it.

Grinderworks is continually searching for new ways of doing things even better and designs and develops exclusive mills to grind the spices at exactly the right moment. Grind it. With their husks still intact and the oil beneath in perfect condition, their flavours are fully released, with nothing going to waste. Taste it. Totems for your kitchen.

Grinderworks will go further in future and develop other mills for other spices, but always with the same goal: to rediscover the power of freshly ground spices, a revelation of a lost knowledge of varieties.Taste it, grind it, together. Grind it, taste it, to be continued.

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Creative direction & Founder : Johan Lemaître
Product design: Johan Lemaitre
Art direction & concept design : Nel Verbeke
Financial direction : Erwin van Gansbeke

Special thanks
to Catherine for her great ideas, her critical evaluation and her fantastic support
to Nicole for recieveing Grinderworks post & deliveries after hours

Graphic Design:

Atelier Aelterman &

Photography :

Photographer : Alexander Popelier AVANTGAND studio
Assistents Photography : Yuri Andries & Jeroom Vanderbeke
Styling & Set design : Nel Verbeke


Writings : Jonas Lescrauwaet
Translations : Blue Lines

PR & Communication:

Walkie Talkie - Marie Lemaitre



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